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Migrating your Wordpress Site to Wix

Why migrate your Wordpress website to Wix? For me, the number one benefit of a Wix website is the intuitive design platform that allows even the most inexperienced user full access and control of their web presence.

Transferring a Wordpress website to Wix
Wordpress to Wix

Your Wordpress Site

Are you frustrated with your Wordpress website or sick of paying your web developer for monthly maintenance? Charges for the most simple updates to your website can add up over time and it's inconvenient to have to request small changes to your webpage. If you are tired with the back-and-forth and want to take control of your website, Wix is the perfect platform for you.

Your Wix Site

Transferring your Wordpress website to Wix is not only possible, it will allow you to have greater access over your information, implement changes as needed, and even update the look and feel of your website with ease. You can maintain your search engine results with redirects and keep all of your content.

I recently transferred a large Wordpress website to Wix for a client and trained the staff how to navigate their new website from the Wix Editor. They now have a stunning website that they are able to update as needed and are saving both time and money on their website!

If you have a Wordpress website that you are ready to transfer to Wix I'd love to chat with you about your project, just say hello through my "Contact" page!

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