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Wix Website Spotlight: Ease of Being

Are you frustrated with your Wordpress website and ready to switch to Wix?

Maybe you built your own website on Wordpress like Christina from Ease of Being did but could never get it to look and function exactly how you wanted it to. Even worse... maybe you paid somebody to build your Wordpress website but you've never been able to figure out how to update it yourself!

If your website is ready for a refresh, migrating to Wix is a great choice! On Wix you can rebuild your website on a platform that is easy to use and easy to update. When you work with me I include training in my website packages so that you know how to take control of your site and manage the day-to-day features on Wix.

"Prior to working with Ashley I was frustrated with my website. I had created it myself using Wordpress and there were things that I kept having issues with and I did not like how limited I was in the functionality of my site. I also did not want to figure out how to make it better on my own." - Christina

For this migration from Wordpress to Wix we used the change of platforms as an opportunity to create branding guidelines and a cohesive visual language for Christina's yoga & candle brand, Ease of Being.

Her branding guide included fonts, colors, and imagery that helps tell the story of her company's mission and purpose. These branding guides can be bundled into a new wix website build, a Wix website refresh, or can be purchased a la carte for use anywhere you need beautiful branding.

My website is now intuitive for the visitor. I love being on my site and I want to live there. This is not something I felt on my last site. Ashley was able to come up with such a beautiful design that matches my brand well. I feel well represented by myself and it’s all because of Ashley. - Christina

This migration included exporting existing Shopify products to Wix Stores, exporting existing Shopify contacts to Wix, and exporting Wordpress blog posts to Wix. We also transferred the domain from bluehost to Wix so that every aspect of her business could all be under one "roof" - that's one of the best parts of using Wix for your website!

With 1-on-1 private training Christina was able to learn the ropes of her new website and has lifetime access to the recording of our private Wix training session so that she can access the video any time. I'm always available for support and maintenance as well!

If you are ready to leave your old Wordpress, Squarespace, or Shopify site behind and rebuild your business on Wix, I'd love to talk to you! My goal is always to leave you with a website you love, that you are confident using, and are proud to share with others!

When I found Ashley it was like a weight was completely lifted off of my shoulders. She took my ideas and made them even better! I LOVED working with her and would love to think up more websites just for the opportunity to witness her magical brilliance! - Christina

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