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Website Template for Coaches

Chris was launching a new brand that focuses on curating products and services for her clients. Her website needed a blog and a shop filled with affiliate products and she needed to be able to update everything with ease.


  • Custom website design & mobile site

  • Custom graphic design files for affiliate product links

  • Training on Canva & Wix

Delivery: 6-8weeks | Investment: Request a Quote

Womens Wellness Collective Website.png

After growing from a one woman practice into a collective of women's wellness practitioners, Lauren needed a rebrand and a major website update. Using all of the content that she had and helping determine new site features + pages I gave her Wix website a refresh which gave her site a modern, elegant look. 


  • Logo + Branding 

  • Refresh & Redesign of existing Wix website

  • Creation of new pages & subpages to organize content

Delivery: 2 weeks | Investment: Request a Quote

website portfolio-2.png

Shannon wanted to get off of Wordpress and build a new home for her year long Ayurveda program. We worked together to create a beautiful new logo and branding for her business and created an updated, easy to navigate members area for her online course. .


  • Custom branding & logo design

  • Members Only pages

  • Wix Bookings for scheduling consultations

  • Desktop & mobile friendly website

Delivery: 8-10 weeks | Investment: Request a Quote


Lynn had started building her Wix website but could not achieve the design that she was looking for. With her products and content already uploaded she was simply in need of a refresh. I created a more robust online store for her products and provided training so that she could take control of her growing online business. 


  • Refresh & Redesign of existing Wix content

  • Creation of new pages & subpages to organize content

  • Wix Training to empower Lynn to take control of her online store

Delivery: 3 weeks | Investment: Request a Quote

website portfolio.png

Jocelyn & Heather were about to launch their first children's book and needed help with branding, a logo, and a new website for their book. We worked together to develop a visual language for their brand and build a website that will make it easy for them to promote and sell their book!


  • Branding Package (primary & secondary logos, colors, fonts)

  • Graphic Design (book cover)

  • Custom website design & mobile site

  • Website Training

Delivery: 8-10 weeks | Investment: Request a Quote

Online Somatic Writing Community Author Website.png

Molly was ready to get off of Wordpress and build a new website that gave her more flexibility and freedom. We recreated her favorite parts of her existing website and adding new features to fill the gaps. The result is a dynamic site that allows her community to learn about her offerings and even register for her in-person events and retreats.

  • Full website migration from Wordpress

  • Custom branding, colors, and font curation

  • Wix Events setup 

Delivery: 6 weeks | Investment: Request a Quote


Randi recently invested in a rebrand and wanted to move her website off of Squarespace with a fresh design. Her custom template reflects her natural, earthy aesthetic and allows customers to book services, join her newsletter, and listen to and subscribe to her podcast. 


  • Site migration from Squarespace to Wix with 301 redirects

  • Fully custom theme to fit her brand

  • Wix Bookings to schedule & accept payment for services 

  • Wix Blog to highlight Randi's podcast episodes

Delivery: 6 weeks | Investment: Request a Quote

Wix Website Designer.png

Nicole had a Wix website that she had built years ago- it got the job done but she was not in love with it. Many of the features she used to build her site were outdated and the design was very basic. I went in and did a total overhaul of her website with custom branding for a fresh new look. 


  • Basic branding (colors & font)

  • Refresh & Redesign of existing website on Wix

  • Optimized for mobile

Delivery: 3 weeks | Investment: Request a Quote

Graphic Design